Advocating for Children

During this most unusual time many educators have had the opportunity to reflect on their role as they interact and engage with children. Now may be the perfect opportunity for changes in education of young children to take place. In thinking about advocacy what are your thoughts on how to best advocate for children right now?

Inspirational Books for Young Children

First and foremost we hope that you and your family and your students are all safe and well.   Many of us have been utilizing different skills or learning new ones as our work with children has changed and continues to do so. Many of us have been able to explore creative outlets that perhaps we didn't have time for before COVID19.  I'd like to take this opportunity to share the first of what I hope will be many books by teacher educator Antron Sykes. He was able to find the time to write and illustrate a much needed book for young children while also teaching full-time! I strongly encourage you to read and share his book My Heroes Don't Wear Capes. Is there a book that has inspired you in your work with children? Please post the title and author, and thank you for sharing!

"Teaching during COVID19- this is not what I signed up for..."

  “Teaching during COVID19- this is not what I signed up for…” I never thought working with children would put my life or health at risk. Sure, as a Teacher who worked with children with special needs there may have been the occasional bump or bruise from intervening a little bit too quickly to assist a disruptive child or help an upset student AND there was that one time a parent did try to hit me (I kid you not. Those of you that have worked with me may recall the time I had to call 911 on a PARENT, but that’s another story….) I understand that if you are a soldier or a healthcare worker that is part of the job description but for educators that just did not seem to be in the realm of possibility. 2020 started off typically enough for most of us and then the unexpected and unprecedented happened. None of us could have planned for the upheaval that took place in classrooms all across this country and the world .  For most of us there were mixed messages and miscommunications as well